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Photograph by Mary Harrison



"The other day I was riding the school bus as the students were going home.  I sat next to a fifth grader, let’s call him Frank. Frank is a thin young man who is extremely bright and inquisitive. He has been the subject of taunting as long as he can remember.  As we rode we talked about many things. One of the topics he brought up was recess. He wanted me to know that this year he has friends at recess and went on to describe the kinds of activities they do. I asked him if he knew why there was a change this year. Frank asked if I remembered the lady who came last year with the lion pictures to talk to the classes. I asked him if he thought it helped. He said, “Actually it really did help.” I didn’t know whether to shout or cry.  I just said well then I guess it was worthwhile. He looked at me and smiled, then went back to his video game. We rode the rest of the way in silence, but his gratitude didn’t need words. I was out at recess today. I saw Frank playing with two other friends; they were laughing. Some gifts we open right away, others open when we aren’t looking and sometimes they blossom right before our eyes.”

Shared by a local elementary school principal.

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